Hard In Love #02 & Scene #02 with Samantha Bentley

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John’s comment:
The idea of this movie was to find real emotions from these two hard working women I met in Berlin, Samantha Bentley and Misha Cross. Samantha is memorable in this short scene where Misha sends her a video of the girl Misha is going to fuck now instead of Samantha. Sam abuses herself in answer, in anger, in pain, in love, Hard in Love.

After receiving a sexual revenge video from her lesbian ex, sultry Samantha Bentley is consumed with loss. Tears and mascara running down her face, the heartbroken beauty films herself begging her former lover for another chance. She grips her throat, punishing her own juicy pussy, and strangles herself with her clothing while fingering her slit. An emotional orgasm builds, and Samantha’s climax finally dissolves in spit and sobs.

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